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Welcome the yummiest community ever! Here is the PERFECT place to show of your nerdiest and yummiest creations! Share recipes, make friends, and show off your inner geek chef!

There really is no limit to what can be posted here but keep it *geeky.* In other words, creations dedicated to things like math, general sci-fi, fantasy, cartoons, anime, movies, books, bands, TV shows and typical geeky things are welcomed here with open arms. Things like flowers, basic wedding cakes, and traditional things are wonderful but not for here.

Need inspiration or want to try something new? You're in luck! We also offer The Challenge. 26 Prompts to see who the toughest chefs are! Pick any fandom you love and create 26 different desserts to go with the prompts! The best part that there is NO time limit and NO limit to which fandoms you can bake off. This is just here for you to see how far you can take things. If you do complete the challenge you'll be put on the Cooking Hall of Fame and get a nifty banner to show off!

Be kind to other members
Only post creations you made.
Please put multiple pics and pictures over 400x400 pix under a cut.
Use Tags please.
Keep it geeky!

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Fandom: Doctor Who
Prompt: 01. Alien
Type of Food: Cookie
Chef's Note: Made these for fun. Daleks from Doctor Who!

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