In A Galaxy far, far away....

Fandom: Star Wars
Prompt: 3. Galaxies
Type of Food: Cupcakes
Chef's Note: I've been wanting to make Star Wars cupcakes FOREVER! Now I had my chance. Two-toned cupcakes are way too fun to make. I seriously get on a sugar high when I get to make icing two-toned. Anyways I have Darth Vader, R2-D2, and C-3P0!
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Itsa me! Mario!

Fandom: Super Mario Bros.
Prompt: 08 Hero
Type of Food: Chocolate sculpture
Chef's Note: This is a bit old now but I still love showing it off. This is a Mario themed chocolate sculpture I made for class. Everything on that is 100% chocolate. I thought this would be perfect for the Hero prompt :)
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((My Challenge Table))

The Challenge

Dare to take The Challenge? 26 different prompts to inspire! These words are not law so it doesn't matter who you use them or even if you use them all! You have the option of doing everything based on one fandom or multi-fandoms! It's up to you!

01. Alien
02. Royalty
03. Galaxies
04. Robot
05. Burnt
06. Sporty
07. Evil
08. Hero
09. Extreme
10. Time
11. Ocean
12. Fire
13. Chaos
14. Monster
15. Mystery
16. Wibbly-Wobbly
17. Weird
18. Elemental
19. Musical
20. Backwards
21. Color
22. Chef's Choice
23. Chef's Choice
24. Chef's Choice
25. Chef's Choice
26. Chef's Choice


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